Monday, February 22, 2010

All About Pisces which I am.

Pisces can be a bit of a mystery -- a delightful, unsolvable riddle that never fails to keep us guessing. Those born under this sign enjoy a magical ability to fit into any situation, to mix and mingle with all kinds of people and then retreat to the sidelines whenever they feel the urge. In fact, those who spend much time with a Pisces might wonder if they're actually capable of shape-shifting and mind reading. The Fish also possess uncanny intuition, which is no surprise considering that Neptune -- the mistress of altered states -- is their planetary ruler. Neptune's specialty is dissolving boundaries and she's shared that gift with the Piscean crowd. These folks can get lost in a movie, a magical moment or a fantasy, leaving the harshness of reality behind when necessary.

As all you Fish out there can attest, Pisces is also the most emotional of the signs. Since there are no boundaries between you and the world around you, you often feel everything -- absolutely everything. Differentiating between what you feel and what someone else is feeling, especially someone you care about is your greatest challenge. You likely learned early on to 'escape' in one way or another and can become a regular Houdini when you need to. Just be sure you're not gone too long when you take your much-needed vacations from the world. We're all happier when you're here with us -- so do hurry back!

When it comes to “Relationships”, if Pisces is involved, Pisces is involved. No two ways about it. These folks will literally fire walk for their dear ones, and would try walking on water for them too if they thought they could manage it. Pisceans are better at long-term relationships than most of us, and much better at keeping the romance alive with little things: hand-delivering a single red rose, ordering one dessert with two spoons and never, ever forgetting a special occasion. The main romantic challenge for this Sun sign is to learn that putting a special someone on a pedestal can mean only one thing: They've got to come down eventually. So stand next to your partner proudly, Pisces, and love them because of (not in spite of) their faults. And never go against your instincts. They will never lead you astray. The one you see ,SONALIKA

Shє wαlks ín вєαutч, shє wαlks ín вєαutч,
líkє thє níght σf clσudlєss clímєs αnd stαrrч skíєs,
And αll thαt's вєst σf dαrk αnd вríght mєєt ín hєr αspєct αnd ín hєr єчєs: 
Thus mєllσw'd tσ thαt tєndєr líght whích hєαvєn tσ gαudч dαч dєníєs. 
Onє shαdє thє mσrє, σnє rαч thє lєss, 
Hαd hαlf ímpαír'd thє nαmєlєss grαcє whích wαvєs ín єvєrч rαvєn trєss,
Whєrє thσughts sєrєnєlч swєєt єхprєss hσw purє, 
hσw dєαr thєír dwєllíng plαcє. 
And σn thαt chєєk αnd σ'єr thαt вrσw, sσ sσft, sσ cαlm, чєt єlσquєnt,
Thє smílєs thαt wín, thє tínts thαt glσw, 
вut tєll σf dαчs ín gσσdnєss spєnt, 
A mínd αt pєαcє wíth αll вєlσw, 
A hєαrt whσsє lσvє ís ínnσcєnt.
lσrd вчrσn~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet dreams of a Father who is not married to any one!

When ever I think of my love Sonalika whom i lost in the past few years, when ever thinkinking of her i fall asleep and in my dreams comes a sweet little girl and she says that, Daddy; "Mummy loves you and she has not betrayed you, she cries for you" and this little angle who comes in my dream, I have named her Tulika because her name comes from our names “Tu” from Tuhin and “Lika” from my wife Sonalika and she is the paint brush which will bring colors in my life. I loved my wife, because in my past life she was my wife but she refused to believe me and went far away but she is close to my heart. She will come back to me because I believe in my love and my daughter. In this life I am still unmarried.Another reson calling her Tulika is Lika if re arrenged makes the word "Kali" the Godess which i worship hole heartedly as my mother and once she came into my dream and said i will be born as your daughter with a boy and we will be twins, if i am being visited by my Daughter's soul or Godess Kali  as my daughter, she-my wife would have been visited by our son. They embraces me and holds my hand holding their mothers hand, Hope is everything ! Strange is life without love.
My wife is my Luck ,i think i am not getting oppurtunity as the prophecy is not being fulfilled. Sometimes i fell i am a looser but her thought, both my wife and twins reignite my spirit to never give up fighting for the people , save lives by informing them and this is what a "Lighworker" should do! Inspire people to love each other which is the greatest power!

My Mother

Saturday, November 14, 2009

On "Childrens Day" I become a "Child"

I played with my toy. Barricade a Decepticon

Hey Stop !
Car to Robot Transformation.
"Happy Childrens Day"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Close Encounter to Love of the Third Kind

Years have passed, science i loved some one.It was in the month of April in 1996 i was comming out of my class from my Art class . Suddenly from my hands my art file and pencil box fell down.I bent down to pick my things and when i looked up i saw a shining face, it was a face which seemed that i recognised it from ages and soon i realised that she was a senior student of my school . I was in class 9th and she was in 11th. Her name was Sonalika Yadav. But the Day i saw her was the start of a love saga. Soon there were sleepless nights and restless days.I never told her that i loved her. All that i gave her was a card, made by my own hand of a hearts written her name allover. I was too shy to talk to her and was afraid if i made her get angry she would have slapped me on my face if i did speak about my love for her or she would think that i was MAD because i would tell her of her and my past relationship. who will believe it, i know no one as no one did then!

 From some days after i saw her, i started having nightmares that i and she were fighting a evil warlord in space and on a different planet. One day i saw that she and i were killed or say brutally murdered by those evil looking demons and lastly i saw one of them say that the next planet is Earth to be destroyed by darkness.

Soon I started relating these incidents to my life and soon i realised that i was reborn for a purpose i.e. to save Earth from evil forces.One day a "Sage" came in my dreams and said you have to chose to love one person or to love the whole Universe, and the choice is yours. I chose to love the Universe and from that day i decided to fight against evil.People belive in God though they have not seen him, they worship him but they do not believe him, and if they do,  why don't they belive in evil he is also present. Soon I learnt Astrology,ameturely and soon found that i am very good in predicting the future. I got the power to understand people and forgive them for their wrong doings, i got the power to be calm in any situation even though the attitude of people towards me was to neglect me. These all powers were because of my love. I believed 'Sonalika' to be my wife, and to protect her and to save her life again from evil forces as she would be my weakness and could be a target.

I decided to loose her, go away from her and this could be only done by making her realise that i am not her man, she would make herself a family and live happily and i would hide from her but pray to God to protect her and wish that she never remembers the pain, as a matter of fact she did not remember her past and it was easy. The times we spent together, the beautiful happy days and then the destruction and death were all are in my memories and i enjoy them and regret to some that why couldn't i save them.  And thats the reason,  i am calling the  "Youths of the World" to help me unite the World's Nation and build an army. An army of "Lightworkers"
It was same like George Lucasse's Film "STAR WARS". Mr. Lucas was enfluenced by some supernatural power to create a fictional represtation of what had happened in the past on a different planet and to warn us of the future happenings so are we ready for "STAR WAR EARTH THE NEXT PLANET".!!!

The day i died and born again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social Injustice: Jobless still!

Name: Tuhin Kumar Dutta

Qualification1: M.Sc. Remote Sensing GIS Applications.

Subjects in Final Year of Post Graduation. (2007)

• Digital Image Processing.

• GIS Analysis & Modeling.

• Remote Sensing Applications in Natural Resource & Disaster Management.

• Fundamentals of Information Technology.

Subjects in First Year of Post Graduation. (2006)

• Fundamentals of Earth Science.

• Fundamentals of Life Science.

• Fundamentals of Computer Science.

• Photo Geology.

• Mapping, Modeling& Fundamentals of GIS

• Fundamentals of Remote Sensing.

Qualification2: B.Sc. Geology Honors (H)

Subjects in Final Year of Graduation. (2005)

• Environmental Geology & Applied Geomorphology.

• Remote Sensing, Photo Geology & Computer Application in Geology.

• Mineral Prospecting, Ore Dressing & Mining Geology.

Subjects in 2nd Year of Graduation. (2004)

• Paleontology and Stratigraphy.

• Economic Geology and Indian Distribution.

• Engineering Geology and Hydrology.

• Basic Programmes and Languages of Computer.

• General Chemistry.

Subjects in 1st Year of Graduation. (2003)

• General and Structural Geology.

• Crystallography, Mineralogy& Optical Mineralogy.

• Petrology.

• Computer Science.

• General Chemistry.

Institute: - Institute of Earth Science

University: - Bundelkhand University Jhansi.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Resume



C/o D.K. Dutta

589, Behind Krishna Cinema,

Sadar Bazar,

Jhansi. (Uttar Pradesh) PIN-284001

Mobile 1: +919532141789

Mobile 2: +919793074080

Landline No: 0510-2470697

E-mail ID:

E-mail ID:

E-mail ID:

Passport NO: - H2822935


I will be a valuable team member, contributing quality ideas and work for an organization where there is an ample scope for individual as well as organizational growth and development.




Dissertation project at Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Metcalfe House Civil Lines New Delhi.

Personal details:

Date of Birth: 18th Mar 1980

Nationality: Indian

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengali

Marital Status: Single



Post Graduation (2007): 1st Class M.Sc. Remote Sensing and GIS applications with 67%

Bundelkhand University,

Jhansi. U.P.

Graduation (2005): 1st Class B.Sc. Geology Honors with 61%

Bundelkhand University,

Jhansi. U.P.

HSC (2001): 2nd Class (52%, U.P.Board)

Christian Inter College,

Jhansi. U.P.

SSC (1997): 1st Class (62%, I.C.S.E)

Christ the King Inter College,

Jhansi. U.P.

Area Of Interest: Microsoft Technology, Software Development / Technical Development, database management and development of methodologies for software application.

Hobby: Acting in play, music, reading books and Digit magazine.

Software Skills:

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Win 98, Win-Xp

Languages: Basics of C, C++, VB

Internet Technologies: HTML

Packages: MS Office 2007, IRDAS, ENVI (Image Processing Software),

Database Management Tools: IRDAS, ENVI (GIS data management tool)

Strength and Capabilities:

• Efficient, Hardworking and Goal oriented.

• Commitment to cooperative teamwork.

• Take pride in doing a good job and achieve good results.

• Quick to learn and adapt to new changing environment.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are Special Tech Brothers.

I when ever see the date of birth of me and my brother it seems they are magical, i was born on 18th March 1980 and my brother after 1 year 10 months on 29th January 1982. I discovered the mathamatical magic, after 1 comes 2 and after 8 comes 9 and adding 11 to 18 gives 29 but today i found a new magical number related to us, Technology term which was first used in 1829 and i am a post graduate in Remote Sensing Technology and my brother is a graduate in Information Tectnology. We are related to technology and computers also.He does it by the book and i find reasons why i should follow by the book. We are gifted with a technological brain like Wright Brothers .