Monday, February 22, 2010

All About Pisces which I am.

Pisces can be a bit of a mystery -- a delightful, unsolvable riddle that never fails to keep us guessing. Those born under this sign enjoy a magical ability to fit into any situation, to mix and mingle with all kinds of people and then retreat to the sidelines whenever they feel the urge. In fact, those who spend much time with a Pisces might wonder if they're actually capable of shape-shifting and mind reading. The Fish also possess uncanny intuition, which is no surprise considering that Neptune -- the mistress of altered states -- is their planetary ruler. Neptune's specialty is dissolving boundaries and she's shared that gift with the Piscean crowd. These folks can get lost in a movie, a magical moment or a fantasy, leaving the harshness of reality behind when necessary.

As all you Fish out there can attest, Pisces is also the most emotional of the signs. Since there are no boundaries between you and the world around you, you often feel everything -- absolutely everything. Differentiating between what you feel and what someone else is feeling, especially someone you care about is your greatest challenge. You likely learned early on to 'escape' in one way or another and can become a regular Houdini when you need to. Just be sure you're not gone too long when you take your much-needed vacations from the world. We're all happier when you're here with us -- so do hurry back!

When it comes to “Relationships”, if Pisces is involved, Pisces is involved. No two ways about it. These folks will literally fire walk for their dear ones, and would try walking on water for them too if they thought they could manage it. Pisceans are better at long-term relationships than most of us, and much better at keeping the romance alive with little things: hand-delivering a single red rose, ordering one dessert with two spoons and never, ever forgetting a special occasion. The main romantic challenge for this Sun sign is to learn that putting a special someone on a pedestal can mean only one thing: They've got to come down eventually. So stand next to your partner proudly, Pisces, and love them because of (not in spite of) their faults. And never go against your instincts. They will never lead you astray. The one you see ,SONALIKA

Shє wαlks ín вєαutч, shє wαlks ín вєαutч,
líkє thє níght σf clσudlєss clímєs αnd stαrrч skíєs,
And αll thαt's вєst σf dαrk αnd вríght mєєt ín hєr αspєct αnd ín hєr єчєs: 
Thus mєllσw'd tσ thαt tєndєr líght whích hєαvєn tσ gαudч dαч dєníєs. 
Onє shαdє thє mσrє, σnє rαч thє lєss, 
Hαd hαlf ímpαír'd thє nαmєlєss grαcє whích wαvєs ín єvєrч rαvєn trєss,
Whєrє thσughts sєrєnєlч swєєt єхprєss hσw purє, 
hσw dєαr thєír dwєllíng plαcє. 
And σn thαt chєєk αnd σ'єr thαt вrσw, sσ sσft, sσ cαlm, чєt єlσquєnt,
Thє smílєs thαt wín, thє tínts thαt glσw, 
вut tєll σf dαчs ín gσσdnєss spєnt, 
A mínd αt pєαcє wíth αll вєlσw, 
A hєαrt whσsє lσvє ís ínnσcєnt.
lσrd вчrσn~

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  1. Whtz wrong with you soldier...wake up from ur dreamz!!!. Itz morning nd u r still in planet earth. And whtz diz feeling with emotions!! Boy!, True Luv should nevr be mistaken with crush or infatuation and ofcourse one side love, get on your feet, Son. War is about to come..nd no war is ever won by dying. So leave the dead behind, let them bury themselves. However you prepare the road ahead for the coming generations....nd set an example to lead them, not to lead by them. Any Doubt Soldier?