Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social Injustice: Jobless still!

Name: Tuhin Kumar Dutta

Qualification1: M.Sc. Remote Sensing GIS Applications.

Subjects in Final Year of Post Graduation. (2007)

• Digital Image Processing.

• GIS Analysis & Modeling.

• Remote Sensing Applications in Natural Resource & Disaster Management.

• Fundamentals of Information Technology.

Subjects in First Year of Post Graduation. (2006)

• Fundamentals of Earth Science.

• Fundamentals of Life Science.

• Fundamentals of Computer Science.

• Photo Geology.

• Mapping, Modeling& Fundamentals of GIS

• Fundamentals of Remote Sensing.

Qualification2: B.Sc. Geology Honors (H)

Subjects in Final Year of Graduation. (2005)

• Environmental Geology & Applied Geomorphology.

• Remote Sensing, Photo Geology & Computer Application in Geology.

• Mineral Prospecting, Ore Dressing & Mining Geology.

Subjects in 2nd Year of Graduation. (2004)

• Paleontology and Stratigraphy.

• Economic Geology and Indian Distribution.

• Engineering Geology and Hydrology.

• Basic Programmes and Languages of Computer.

• General Chemistry.

Subjects in 1st Year of Graduation. (2003)

• General and Structural Geology.

• Crystallography, Mineralogy& Optical Mineralogy.

• Petrology.

• Computer Science.

• General Chemistry.

Institute: - Institute of Earth Science

University: - Bundelkhand University Jhansi.

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