Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet dreams of a Father who is not married to any one!

When ever I think of my love Sonalika whom i lost in the past few years, when ever thinkinking of her i fall asleep and in my dreams comes a sweet little girl and she says that, Daddy; "Mummy loves you and she has not betrayed you, she cries for you" and this little angle who comes in my dream, I have named her Tulika because her name comes from our names “Tu” from Tuhin and “Lika” from my wife Sonalika and she is the paint brush which will bring colors in my life. I loved my wife, because in my past life she was my wife but she refused to believe me and went far away but she is close to my heart. She will come back to me because I believe in my love and my daughter. In this life I am still unmarried.Another reson calling her Tulika is Lika if re arrenged makes the word "Kali" the Godess which i worship hole heartedly as my mother and once she came into my dream and said i will be born as your daughter with a boy and we will be twins, if i am being visited by my Daughter's soul or Godess Kali  as my daughter, she-my wife would have been visited by our son. They embraces me and holds my hand holding their mothers hand, Hope is everything ! Strange is life without love.
My wife is my Luck ,i think i am not getting oppurtunity as the prophecy is not being fulfilled. Sometimes i fell i am a looser but her thought, both my wife and twins reignite my spirit to never give up fighting for the people , save lives by informing them and this is what a "Lighworker" should do! Inspire people to love each other which is the greatest power!

My Mother