Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Resume



C/o D.K. Dutta

589, Behind Krishna Cinema,

Sadar Bazar,

Jhansi. (Uttar Pradesh) PIN-284001

Mobile 1: +919532141789

Mobile 2: +919793074080

Landline No: 0510-2470697

E-mail ID:

E-mail ID:

E-mail ID:

Passport NO: - H2822935


I will be a valuable team member, contributing quality ideas and work for an organization where there is an ample scope for individual as well as organizational growth and development.




Dissertation project at Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Metcalfe House Civil Lines New Delhi.

Personal details:

Date of Birth: 18th Mar 1980

Nationality: Indian

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengali

Marital Status: Single



Post Graduation (2007): 1st Class M.Sc. Remote Sensing and GIS applications with 67%

Bundelkhand University,

Jhansi. U.P.

Graduation (2005): 1st Class B.Sc. Geology Honors with 61%

Bundelkhand University,

Jhansi. U.P.

HSC (2001): 2nd Class (52%, U.P.Board)

Christian Inter College,

Jhansi. U.P.

SSC (1997): 1st Class (62%, I.C.S.E)

Christ the King Inter College,

Jhansi. U.P.

Area Of Interest: Microsoft Technology, Software Development / Technical Development, database management and development of methodologies for software application.

Hobby: Acting in play, music, reading books and Digit magazine.

Software Skills:

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Win 98, Win-Xp

Languages: Basics of C, C++, VB

Internet Technologies: HTML

Packages: MS Office 2007, IRDAS, ENVI (Image Processing Software),

Database Management Tools: IRDAS, ENVI (GIS data management tool)

Strength and Capabilities:

• Efficient, Hardworking and Goal oriented.

• Commitment to cooperative teamwork.

• Take pride in doing a good job and achieve good results.

• Quick to learn and adapt to new changing environment.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are Special Tech Brothers.

I when ever see the date of birth of me and my brother it seems they are magical, i was born on 18th March 1980 and my brother after 1 year 10 months on 29th January 1982. I discovered the mathamatical magic, after 1 comes 2 and after 8 comes 9 and adding 11 to 18 gives 29 but today i found a new magical number related to us, Technology term which was first used in 1829 and i am a post graduate in Remote Sensing Technology and my brother is a graduate in Information Tectnology. We are related to technology and computers also.He does it by the book and i find reasons why i should follow by the book. We are gifted with a technological brain like Wright Brothers .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuhin and Ahin the two Pisces-two fishes.

Tuhin and Ahin the two Pisces- Two fishes of the same sea.(Numerology compatibility report)
Tuhin, your Heart's Desire is 11
You have wisdom beyond your years. Even as a child, your understanding of life was considerable, though it likely went unrecognized by others.
You are a born peacemaker. You are driven by a desire to settle conflicts and create harmony. You are a healer and a visionary. You long to make the world a better place, and cannot rest until you have dedicated your life to some worthwhile cause.
Your realm is ideas and philosophy. You are attracted to the world of energy more than to the mechanical or material planes. Philosophy, religion, and less traditional forms of healing are among your specialties.
You are obsessed with the quest for enlightenment.
You are extremely sensitive and possess a high degree of intuition. Subtle messages and feelings of others do not escape your attention. You are powerfully aware of the thoughts and feelings of others. Unless you are well grounded, this can throw you about emotionally. Your awareness can be both a gift as well as a problem, because you so deeply desire to please others and keep harmony in your environment.
Many 11s were born into extremely hostile or turbulent families. This often resulted in psychological pain, lack of confidence, and shyness during childhood. Somehow, the child with an 11 heart's desire recognized the sources of his family's problem. This created an internal conflict for the child, who naturally loved the troubled parent, but could not cope with that parent's behavior.
Therefore, many 11s are scarred early in life. They understand the sufferings of others and seek to be of service in some way.
This is, in fact, the easiest way for you to heal yourself and find your greatest satisfaction.
You understand the importance of close, loving relationships. Therefore, you are selective in choosing your friends and spouse. You are a romantic, idealistic, but somewhat impractical person. Unless you have other balancing characteristics (as indicated by 1s, 4s, and 8s in your chart), it is wise to team up with a more practical and realistic partner.
You have a magnetic and charismatic personality. You like pondering abstract matters. Your intelligence is electric. Ideas, solutions to problems, and inventions seem to come to you as if out of the blue.
You are highly charged and intense. This can cause nervous tension. You need to care for your nervous system with ample amounts of rest, a peaceful environment, and proper diet -- avoiding extreme foods and drugs.
You are often more concerned with universal justice than with the individual.
The 11 is a master number, possessing great potential. It has been entrusted to you as a gift that you are worthy of. The key is to maintain a hold on your ideals and seek ways to practically implement them.
You have a specific role and gift to give to the world. This requires time and maturity to fully comprehend. But with patience and perseverance, you will discover why you felt different and even unique as a child. At that time, you will discover that what made you feel weak as a child will make you strong and confident as a mature adult.
Ahin, your Heart's Desire is 5
Freedom is essential for your happiness. You love change, new experiences, meeting new people, adventure and travel. You love the exotic, far away places. Variety is more than mere spice of life -- you thrive on it. You are extremely flexible and adaptable. You have more curiosity than the proverbial cat. You have a sharp mind and a natural ability with words. You are a born communicator, clear, fluent, and imaginative in every area that interests you -- which are many!
Your Heart's Desire makes you very well equipped for life. Change -- the only constant in life -- doesn't threaten you, as it does other people. You are highly resourceful. Generally, you can think clearly in a crisis; you have good mental and physical reflexes. Whenever you fall, you tend to land on your feet.
You are highly enthusiastic. You get excited easily over a new idea or opportunity. Your nature is unconventional. You are a bit of a gambler, taking risks whenever you think the rewards are worth it.
You are very socially oriented and rarely, if ever, dull or boring. You are, of course, drawn to those people who, like yourself, are original thinkers and have exciting personalities.
You enjoy being involved in several projects at the same time. You need continual stimulation by the new and fascinating. You tend to discard boring pastimes quickly.
Your love of freedom and change can have numerous consequences. You can be irresponsible, especially when it comes to finishing tasks. You have a hard time persevering at a given project and bringing it to completion.
You must be careful that your love of sensory pleasure doesn't lead you to excessive indulgence in alcohol, food, sex, and even drugs.
You are a bit of a hero and want to save the world. This causes you to make promises you often cannot keep. Down deep, you long to please everyone, an impossible goal.
Many 5s can be emotionally superficial. They feel love passionately, but fear making deep and lasting commitments. As a result, they resist the depths of emotional attachments and remain on the surface where it is safe.
You will experience many changes and unusual events, but you learn best through experience. Therefore, your life will be full and you will make great strides in personal growth.
Your Heart's Desire's compatibility is 11 and 5
Tuhin and Ahin, this aspect of the chart requires some special attention since, as a rule of thumb, the eleven and the five found in the same part of the chart make for short-lived relationships. They simply do not understand each other. In fact, they do not really like each other.
The fact that you have a relationship means that other numbers are making up for the usual discordance that prevails between these two numbers. However, it is important to emphasize that the eleven and the five are only disharmonious when they are found in the same location in the chart. This disharmony does not exist when they are not in the same location. For example, a 11 Life Path can be quite harmonious with a 5 Heart's Desire.
That being said, we should concentrate on where the discordance comes from and how it can be deflected and rendered harmless.
To do that, let’s think of Tuhin as water and Ahin as fire. In a controlled environment, each of them has a purpose that can be used to benefit the other. But, when they occupy the same space, one is going to destroy the other. The fire makes the water evaporate, or the water will kill the fire.
The lesson here is simple. Don't get in each other's way.
Yours can be a strong, lifelong relationship, if you are both willing to accept the other person as is. So, don’t ever try to change your partner in any way and make every effort to lead your respective lives in as independent environments as possible so that your individual purposes can be beneficial and advantageous to the other.
Tuhin understands and respects the world of emotions, feelings, and intuitions and is fully aware of the fact that those are, in a very real sense, the bottom line. This is where life pays its dividends. No matter what else is happening in your life, payment comes in "how you feel”, your happiness, your contentment as a human being.
Ahin relates to the world of dynamic action, impulsive decisions, and risky adventures. Keeping in perspective that this is only one aspect of the chart, Ahin thrives on energies causing motion, causing changes, causing excitement. And Ahin will not be slowed down by something as banal as being careful, or by the possibility that someone might not be comfortable with the kind of turmoil Ahin generates.
Tuhin and Ahin, do not forget that other numbers play in your relationship. Therefore, this particular aspect of the chart can be largely offset if you succeed in maintaining some distance, a fairly practical separation of lifestyle and environment. You must keep in mind that your combination of numbers requires that your relationship be one of sharing and caring -- as in a community setting, a community of two -- rather than a relationship where everything is merged and experienced together.