Sunday, November 8, 2009

Close Encounter to Love of the Third Kind

Years have passed, science i loved some one.It was in the month of April in 1996 i was comming out of my class from my Art class . Suddenly from my hands my art file and pencil box fell down.I bent down to pick my things and when i looked up i saw a shining face, it was a face which seemed that i recognised it from ages and soon i realised that she was a senior student of my school . I was in class 9th and she was in 11th. Her name was Sonalika Yadav. But the Day i saw her was the start of a love saga. Soon there were sleepless nights and restless days.I never told her that i loved her. All that i gave her was a card, made by my own hand of a hearts written her name allover. I was too shy to talk to her and was afraid if i made her get angry she would have slapped me on my face if i did speak about my love for her or she would think that i was MAD because i would tell her of her and my past relationship. who will believe it, i know no one as no one did then!

 From some days after i saw her, i started having nightmares that i and she were fighting a evil warlord in space and on a different planet. One day i saw that she and i were killed or say brutally murdered by those evil looking demons and lastly i saw one of them say that the next planet is Earth to be destroyed by darkness.

Soon I started relating these incidents to my life and soon i realised that i was reborn for a purpose i.e. to save Earth from evil forces.One day a "Sage" came in my dreams and said you have to chose to love one person or to love the whole Universe, and the choice is yours. I chose to love the Universe and from that day i decided to fight against evil.People belive in God though they have not seen him, they worship him but they do not believe him, and if they do,  why don't they belive in evil he is also present. Soon I learnt Astrology,ameturely and soon found that i am very good in predicting the future. I got the power to understand people and forgive them for their wrong doings, i got the power to be calm in any situation even though the attitude of people towards me was to neglect me. These all powers were because of my love. I believed 'Sonalika' to be my wife, and to protect her and to save her life again from evil forces as she would be my weakness and could be a target.

I decided to loose her, go away from her and this could be only done by making her realise that i am not her man, she would make herself a family and live happily and i would hide from her but pray to God to protect her and wish that she never remembers the pain, as a matter of fact she did not remember her past and it was easy. The times we spent together, the beautiful happy days and then the destruction and death were all are in my memories and i enjoy them and regret to some that why couldn't i save them.  And thats the reason,  i am calling the  "Youths of the World" to help me unite the World's Nation and build an army. An army of "Lightworkers"
It was same like George Lucasse's Film "STAR WARS". Mr. Lucas was enfluenced by some supernatural power to create a fictional represtation of what had happened in the past on a different planet and to warn us of the future happenings so are we ready for "STAR WAR EARTH THE NEXT PLANET".!!!

The day i died and born again.

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